Detection of Pipe Elbows

Inductive wash-down sensors with IO-Link prevent errors during the mounting of pipe elbows and detect seal wear

The correct position of a pipe elbow can be verified easily and efficiently with inductive proximity switches. For this purpose, a switch lug is mounted on the pipe elbow, which, depending on its position, dampens one of the wash-down sensors.

With the high switching distance and the two switching points of its IO-Link capable uprox sensors, Turck minimizes the greatest risk of this solution — damage to the proximity switch due to incorrect pipe bend mounting or worn seals.

Your Benefits

  • Precise information about irregularities reduces plant downtime
  • Reliable functioning even with worn seals due to high switching distance on all metals
  • Wash-down design for reliable use in food environments

  • Rugged proximity switches confirm the correct position of pipe elbow distributors

  • The IO-Link sensors also detect deviating switching distances

  • Sensor front cap and stainless steel housing comply with FDA regulations

Two switching points in a single device

The inductive uprox sensors not only offer a high switching distance, but also enable two different switching points to be set — for example, one for the intended position of the pipe elbow and another for the distance defined as critical. This way, users can see which seal shows wear and needs to be replaced.

Predictive maintenance via IO-Link

Alternatively, the IO-Link additional data also provide information about a changed switching distance. Other useful sensor information such as temperature, operating hours or switching cycles are also provided. These values can then be included in maintenance plans and reduce the risk of device failure.

Wash-down version for food applications

With their stainless steel housing and front cap made of liquid crystal polymer, the proximity switches are protected against cleaning with acid and alkaline agents. The wash-down sensors with an extended temperature range (-40 to +100 °C) are FDA-compliant and ideally suited for food applications.

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