Signal Separation with Interface Technology in the Control Cabinet

IMX12 separates, supplies, protects and converts signals in the tightest spaces and with investment security

For DCS with its own I/O layer, Turck offers the interface technology series IMX-12 for separiation of safety and non-safety signals. This product family leads the industry in its device categories, in terms of channel density, flexibility, and accuracy.

The IMX-12 devices combine the tasks of protection, separation, transformation, and powering in areas where space is limited.


  • High security of investment thanks to state of the art technolgoy for signal seperation
  • Developed and manufactured according to IEC 61508
  • Space-saving, 2-channel slim modules (12.5 mm)
  • Space is used optimally, as the devices can be densely packed into the cabinet, mounted horizontally or vertically

  • With its easy to use interface technology, Turck’s IMX12 family is a great fit in the control room

  • Turck’s IMX12 Interface Technology Series is known for its versatility and rugged reliability

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