Identification of Cryovessels

Monitoring cooling tanks safeguards products and intermediates, even without a permanent database connection

In the pharmaceutical industry, cryovessels or other active cooling containers that are transported from one facility to another are frequently used.DIN A4 files, ID sheets and data matrix codes are normally used to identify these containers so that the monitoring of these containers during transportation is not possible. In the event of an accident, a clear allocation of the cryovessel and its content is not possible. Turck's BL ident RFID system enables clear and seamless monitoring during production, transportation and storage.


  • Fail-safe identification with the BL ident RFID system prevents allocation errors
  • Reliable identification even with inaccurate vessel positioning thanks to particularly wide HF read/write heads with a large range

  • The cryovessel can be monitored reliably with the BL ident RFID system

  • The Q80 read/write devices detect containers reliably even when not positioned precisely

  • Tags on the container also enable reliable monitoring during transportation

Simple positioning of the vessel saves time 

Automated identification solutions must be easy to use. The TNLR-Q80L400-H1147 read/write head is particularly wide and thus makes it possible to read the tag reliably without any lengthy position adjustment necessary. Large read/write ranges of up to 30 centimeters and more are possible when used in conjunction with the right tag. 

Improved process reliability

The value of the cultures in cryovessels and cooling containers can quickly run into the hundreds of thousands. RFID-based identification solutions ensure that processes are only started when it is certain that the right container is in the required position. It is also possible to verify that containers have been sterilized in time. 

Quality reports at the touch of a button

Complete process documentation is much easier to provide as all the necessary data is available in the system. Reliance on the diligence of responsible colleagues is no longer necessary and full documentation can be provided without the need for personnel to be present. Quality reports for FDA and other test authorities can thus be created without any major manual effort.

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