Identification of Hose Connections

Increased process reliability thanks to RFID-backed hose assignment

The automated validation of a proper hose connection increases process security and efficiency. Turck’s RFID System BL ident is optimally suited for this task. A metal bracket attached to a hose is mounted with a data carrier. The read/write head at the hose connection reads the data when the hose is connected to a coupling, which quickly and reliably identifyies the connection.


  • Turck’s RFID System BL ident identifies hoses at hose couplings, ensuring an efficient production process and preventing waste
  • Read/write heads and tags available in many housings, including systems requiring IP69K protection or for use in Zones 2 and 22
  • Useful in a variety of applications, including direct mounting on metal or in chemical production

  • RFID technology is especially useful for applications with large numbers of identical connections

  • The high read/write distance guarantees process-safe identification

  • The read/write head TNSLR-Q42TWD – with protection class IP68/IP69K – withstands high pressure cleaning

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