With its IIoT functionality, the TAS Turck Automation Suite is the central location for efficient management of Turck devices in Ethernet networks

Presenting the TAS IIoT and Service Platform

The Turck Automation Suite enables the easy management of Turck devices in Ethernet industrial networks

The new TAS Turck Automation Suite simplifies the management and configuration of Turck devices in industrial Ethernet networks. The batch functions in particular speed up many operations since they can be run simultaneously for multiple network devices. This saves time, for example with firmware updates or the issuing of IP addresses.

Run IO-Link functions via TAS

The software functions of Turck's IO-Link devices such as the Turck Radar Monitor can be executed directly via TAS if the device is accessible in the associated network. Classic IO-Link functions such as setting parameters can likewise be performed directly from TAS. 

Your Benefits

  • Faster commissioning with batch functions for processing multiple Ethernet devices simultaneously
  • Greater process security for RFID applications thanks to RFID demo tools
  • Reduced complexity since all Turck devices are managed with one software

More IIoT functions in the future

With TAS, Turck is combining for the first time the configuration and parameterization tools of its smart sensor technology with the network management functions of its Ethernet devices centrally in a single software. In the near future, Turck Automation Suite will also integrate extensive IIoT functions - such as a virtual edge controller sending data via MQTT or  OPC UA to cloud services. Previous programs and tools are gradually being replaced by TAS.


  • Download and deletion of ARGEE programs  and BEEP master configurations
  • Access to all IO-Link functions of Turck's IO-Link devices
  • General device management  with firmware updates, IP address assignment and visual device localization 
  • Simulation tools for examining the feasibility of applications with radar or vibration systems as well as RFID systems etc.


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